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Rob Olson

CEO - ResoluteFIT

Level 1 Master Coach

Master Coach since 2022/05/24

Rob spent three years at Drexel University pursuing a Biomedical Engineering degree, but dropped out after a co-op experienced confirmed to him that he did not want a typical 9-5 desk job. So Rob enlisted in the Navy to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a Navy SEAL. Rob made it through the gruelling training and spent six years as a SEAL, specializing in combat medicine. After his enlistment he finished his bachelors at George Washington University and then followed his next passion - fitness - and opened CrossFit Simsbury in his hometown of Simsbury Connecticut. Rob has been CEO of his gym (rebranded as ResoluteFIT) for the past nine years, and has seen the gym grow enough to move into a new commercial space complete with showers, sauna, and a cold plunge. With his vision and guidance, ResoluteFIT continues to be the premier health and fitness destination in the Farmington Valley area and empowers it's members to live their best lives. Rob's values: Hard work pays off. Be positive and optimistic, it will change your life. Always pursue excellence, never settle.

How has Rob upgraded their leadership?

It's hard to even put into words the growth that comes out of PRT-A. It's kind of like being a kid, walking everywhere, then all the sudden your parent gives you a bike and teaches you how to ride it. It opens up a new world to explore and grow in, one that is bigger, filled with excitement, and naturally has a little bit of risk. But it's addicting, and you want more. By continuing to meaningfully explore with that inherent risk of two-wheel freedom, comes a newfound appreciation for self-development and the rewards that are soon to follow. Before PRT-A, I had no idea what RABs were, how I exhibited them, and how they impacted my personal and professional relationships. Through PRT-A, I figured out my RABs, and with awareness and dedicated action, took meaningful action to dial them down. I've already seen growth and progress in both my personal and professional relationships. Extrapolate this over years, the impact is limitless, and the ROI on this course the best I have ever taken.

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