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Heidi Young

Program Planning and Review Specialist - NH DHHS DBH Bureau of Homeless Services

Level 1 Master Coach

3 Testimonials  Master Coach since 2023/05/02

I am a Program Planning and Review Specialist in the NH Department of Health and Human Services Bureau of Homeless Services, focusing on youth and young adult homelessness.

How has Heidi upgraded their leadership?

This most recent iteration of PRT - Module 3 10X, was great training to continue to be 'in the arena' working on my RABs, dialing down, but also awareness of what getting messy looks like. It felt like I touched the surface in getting messy, but really good in getting in the reps and practice of it. Debating to learn and be curious is alot harder than it seems, and I continue to grow and learn to do that - I keep developing that thicker skin to give and receive feedback and not LHF! All of it take regular practice with people that are in it too!

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She opened the door to me being self-reflective in a way that I hadn't thought about before I took this class.

11 September, 2023

Daniel Sipek
Ohio Department of Education - Program Specialist

Heidi was a great facilitator. I appreciated her ability to provide empathetic support but also direct honest coaching.

11 September, 2023

Adam Klimas
State Support Team Region 5 - Assistant Director

Heidi is very open, she listens without judgement and asks questions that make you go deeper.

04 June, 2024

Katharine Delavan
Ohio Department of Education and Workforce - School Improvement Grant Manager