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Qi Li


Level 1 Master Coach

Master Coach since 2022/06/02

My name is Leakey Li and I have 30 years of relevant experience as a planner, film director and media person. I created the PVS panoramic strategy system based on serving more than 200 institutions. At present, I am doing entrepreneurship in the field of combining new media and traditional industries with innovation. I hope I can help businesses and individuals in need.

How has Qi upgraded their leadership?

When I first started taking the PRT course, I was a little confused about what it was? Perhaps because of the fact that I have been a consulting instructor for more than ten years, I am still limited to the original training mode and method. As the course continued to deepen, I gradually understood the unique training method of PRT and the message and method it wanted to convey. I have to admit that the PRT course is a challenge for both instructors and students, a brand new experience that breaks through themselves. From a psychological point of view, each of us has four selves. 1. The public me, this is a kind of "I" that you know and everyone knows. 2. Private me, this is the "I" you know yourself but the public doesn't know about. 3, "back me", this is the "me" that others know but you don't understand. 4. "Future me", also known as potential me, this is the "me" you may become in the future. Through the study of the first stage of PRT, I found that it has a very significant role in understanding the "back me". Getting real "feedback" in an effective way and letting us understand a "me" that has been neglected by ourselves for a long time can help us become a better version of ourselves in the future.Through PRT, I learned that some of my subconscious words and behaviors caused me to block the efforts of others to give me the truth.For example, I often say "based on my years of experience". This makes me seem to have some kind of unquestionable correctness. For another example, when I am criticized, I may hit back at the critic with the same example. These are some of my subconscious instinctive reactions. I will now realize that these words and actions prevent others from giving me valuable feedback. Next, I will deliberately practice how to prevent myself from doing similar things. And, when someone asks me for feedback, I know what to say, what I can say, and give as real feedback as possible without having too many interpersonal concerns.

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