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Christopher Iafelice

Chief Operating Officer - Adapting Social

Level 1 Master Coach

Master Coach since 2022/09/13

Christopher is the Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for the company's overall growth, team happiness, and development. He ensures that the right products, capabilities, processes, platforms, and tools exist so the team members can best deliver client outcomes and satisfaction. He collaborates with all members of the organization, especially his management and leadership teams to help grow and develop them professionally.

How has Christopher upgraded their leadership?

The biggest takeaway that I had when taking PRT was self-awareness and how important it is for your growth. Not only professionally, but also personally. I didn't realize how much my RAB's crossed over from my professional and personal life and when I started to self-identify these arrows that were prohibiting people from giving me the truth, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. During the 13 weeks I was attending PRT, not only did I see an improvement in the relationships I had, inside and outside of work, I was seeing an improvement in myself. Self-awareness is great - but you have to do something about it in order to make a difference. Something to note when taking this class is that you HAVE to put the work in to see results. It's like trying to lose weight, you can't just go to the gym once and expect to see results. Dedication and discipline is needed and at the end of the 13-weeks you will see the results.

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