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Cathy Yan

Co-Founder and Educational Consultant - Unknown

Level 1 Master Coach

Master Coach since 2022/05/24

How has Cathy upgraded their leadership?

很感谢朋友的介绍,我有幸参加了PRT- A training。短短的13周时间,通过教练和TP的共同训练,意识到自己身上存在的几个RABS: 1.我永远是正确的 2.性格急躁 3.由于自己的工作性质,一直被晕轮效应所影响,处理和人的关系太过主观,不接受跟自己价值观不一样的人和事物。 通过教练和TP在一起的共同训练,直面一些让我开始不太适应和愉悦的挑战, 及时的调整自己,找到一些务实的方法,并且很快的能应用在具体的工作中,最后收到了让我很意外但是很好的效果。

Thanks to friend’s reference, I have the great honor to attend PRT-A training. Within only thirteen weeks, I reflected several crucial RABS with the help of my coach and TP’s co-practice: 1. I’m always right. 2. I’m short-tempered. 3. Because of the nature of my work, I tend to be influenced by halo effect - I don’t accept people and things which are not aligned with my own values and I’m very subjective when dealing with relationships with other people. With the help of my coach, I’ve gradually learnt to accept some challenges that I was not comfortable with in the first place. Through multiple practices with TPs, I was able to adjust myself, find useful methods, and quickly apply them into my work. I’m surprised by the progress and achievements I’ve made during this training.

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