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Dainius Karusevicius

Co-Financial Controller - Next Jump

Level 1 Master Coach Next Jump WFH

Master Coach since 2024/02/14

As a devoted father of two with roots in Lithuania, I have spent the last 18 years in the UK, where I pursued education in finance and accounting. Over the past nine years, I've been captivated by my role at Next Jump, drawn to its continues commitment to human and leadership development, shaping my journey into the dynamic professional I am today.

How has Dainius upgraded their leadership?

My leadership journey at Next Jump has been transformative, marked by a hands-on role immersing me in the dynamic world of finance. Adapting swiftly to a fast-paced environment, I had to confront personal fears and insecurities. Overcoming a tendency to handle challenges independently and in silence was one of many personal challenges I had to overcome by embracing transparency and truthful communication, fostering a more robust and honest connection with my team.

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