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Qian Ge

Chairman - NECCA

Level 1 Master Coach

Master Coach since 2022/06/07


2013年陪孩子来美国念高中,经历了前4、5年的适应期,与2018年和一帮住在Weston的热心人成立了Westar,一个501C3组织;以服务Weston社区为宗旨。在2020年COVID初期,组织50多个华协向中国和美国采购和运送了大量医疗保护用品,并以此为基础,在当年9月成立了NECAA,(New England Chinese American Alliance), 一个以提高华人社区的政治参与度、社会影响力、生活幸福指数为目的的501C4的组织。现在是这两个NGO组织的主席。


期待在Next jump,和大家一起,更科学有章法的寻找最好的自己。谢谢!

Born in Gansu, grew up in Wuhan, I'm a northerner who has southern living habits. I have founded three small companies in China, invested two companies in US, and served as the chairman of two NGOs.

In 2013, I came to US to accompanied my children for high school. After several years of adaptation, I established Westar, a 501C3 organization whose purpose is to serve the Weston community, with a group of enthusiasts living in Weston in 2018. In the early days of COVID-19 in 2020, I organized and gathered more than 50 Chinese associations to donate and deliver a tremendous amount of medical protection supplies to both China and US, and based on this, NECAA (New England Chinese American Alliance) was founded in September of the same year, a 501C4 organization which aims to promote political participation, social influence, and life happiness index of the Chinese community. I'm currently the chairman of these two NGOs.

I'm a life experiencer, observer and thinker.

I'm looking forward to finding a better self using a more scientific and methodological approach with you all at Next Jump. Thank you so much!

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