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Lisa Zancewicz

Teacher - Town of Holliston

Level 1 Master Coach

Master Coach since 2022/06/24

I am a public school educator responsible for the academic, social, and emotional needs of a classroom of elementary students.

How has Lisa upgraded their leadership?

Awareness of my RABs has been the biggest thing for me. While I kind of always knew that they existed, I was not always aware of how much they play into my daily actions as well as my decision making processes. Being more aware of my own behaviors has helped me to really try to dial them back. The “fork in the road” comparison hit home for me, so when I feel like I’m coming to a place where I might fall into what is easy (passive aggressive, poor attitude), then I try to stop there and ask myself what am I avoiding and how do I stop it? It’s definitely not always easy or perfect, but it’s more than I was aware of before joining the group.

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