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Qifei Li

CPO - Allfavor Circuits

Level 1 Master Coach

Master Coach since 2022/06/01

2000年创办自己的第一个PCB设计公司:艾飞彦电子技术有限公司; 2005年创办自己的PCB生产工厂:艾飞彦电路。2007年公司扩大规模,更名为艾威尔电路深圳有限责任公司; 2009年收购南京本川电路有限公司,成为公司最大的生产基地; 2011年收购珠海亚图柔性线路和板厂,开拓柔性线路板市场及研发软硬结合PCB的技术; 2017年,Allfavor Technology Inc 在美国芝加哥成立,开拓发展美国市场; 2021江苏本川智能有限公司及旗下三间子公司成为公众公司; 2016年陪伴两孩子到美国念书;探索在两种系统和文化下的孩子和自我的成长; 2022年遇到Next Jump的PRT课程, 认识、理解、提高自我; 2022年投资了Siloam Vision并运营其中,规划后期的硬件生产以及市场开拓。 激情、大胆、开拓、创新,是我的人生态度;在两个国家的生活、工作和创业、不断遇见更好的我,是我的人生理想;期待在Next jump和大家的帮助下,成就我再一次人生的高峰。

In 2000, I started my first PCB design company: Aifeiyan Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.;
In 2005, I founded PCB production plant: Aifeiyan Circuit. In 2007, the company expanded its scale, and changed its name to Allfavor Circuits (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.;
In 2009, Allfavor acquired Nanjing Benchuan Circuit Co. Ltd. and Nanjing Allfavor Electronic Co. Ltd. became the company's largest production plant;
In 2011, Allfavor acquired Zhuhai Yatu Flexible Printed Circuit Board Factory, expanded Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB) market and developed the technology of rigid flex PCB;
In 2017, I established Allfavor Technology Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, USA, to develop and expand the US market;
In 2021, Jiangsu Benchuan Intelligence Co. Ltd., including its three subsidiaries, became a public listed company;
Accompanying two children to study in the United States in 2016, I kept exploring and adjusting the growth of children and myself under two totally different systems and cultures;
I encountered Next Jump's PRT in 2022, through which I better know, understand and further improve myself;
Also in 2022, I invested in Siloam Vision and partook in its operation, and managed the hardware production and market development.
Passion, boldness, pioneering and innovation are my life attitudes; living, working and enterprising in two countries, and constantly meeting a better self are my ideals of life; I look forward to reaching another peak of my life with Next Jump.

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