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Rebecca Gould

Senior Human Resources Business Partner - Rice University

Level 1 Master Coach

1 Testimonial  Master Coach since 2023/07/18

I have worked in Higher Education Human Resources for the past 15 years. I have spent the majority of my time in HR working in Employee Relations; working with and advising university leadership on managing conflicts, organizational changes, and navigating complex situations. I am a professionally trained coach, and I have been coaching leaders the past 3 years. Through my current job and coaching opportunities, I feel I am able to help individuals navigate issues and help them develop skills to be more effective leaders and employees.

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I currently work at Rice University as a Sr. HR Business Partner. Prior to this role, I worked in Employee Relations, Talent Development, and Compensation. Most of my experience is in Employee Relations and serving as an HR Business Partner. What I love most about this role is the opportunity to solve complex issues, help others manage interpersonal situations, and support the growth and development of those with whom I work. I am always looking for ways to grow and upgrade my coaching and leadership skills in order to be better equipped to help others be successful.

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Becca did an amazing job--it was an emotionally rocky journey at the start. One of Becca's strengths was to listen and see and hear deeper into what people were saying. She added valuable insights every time after someone presented. She also did a great job of getting everyone to participate

01 November, 2023

Ginni Guiton