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Teri Harvey

Professional Project Manager - Gainwell Technologies

Level 1 Master Coach

Master Coach since 2023/11/09

I have come a long way to get where I am today. My work career began doing a job I totally loved as a gymnastics coach/instructor for a private gym. My degree was in physical/health education and was thrilled to find employment doing the sport I loved (I grew up doing gymnastics and competing in HS.) I did that role eventually supervising and serving as assistant director of our second gym. This all changed as I went through a divorce with two young boys. I needed to find employment that was full time and supplied health insurance for me and kids. I started in customer service and worked my way up to supervisor role in claims entry and then claims support (adjustments) for Wisconsin Physician Services(WPS). I loved my job but found that my role was no longer needed. I found continued employment at WPS in the private insurance area as health underwriter for individuals. Then Obama Care was going live on January 1, 2014 so my role ended. I went to another company and was assigned the Business Analyst role for Healthgrades. This lasted 2 and a half years before I was let go due to "right sizing". It took a few months to find the role as Business Lead for the Analytical Services team for the WI Medicaid Account under Gainwell Technologies. I loved leading this team with my co- technical leader under our manager. The contract for our services recently ended. This brings me to my current role as a professional project manager for the Tennessee Medicaid account. I am so happy to continue my growth as a leader. As I interviewed for this current role I was asked, would you rather follow or lead. I had to say I would rather lead as I found NxJ training that gave me this possibility .

How has Teri upgraded their leadership?

AS 2020 arrived there was an opportunity for me to upgrade: I joined the Online Community with NxJ doing weekly Leadership in Practice classes. Initially I would watch the weekly videos on Fridays as I had a standing Business Lead (BL) meeting during the weekly Thursday time slot. As soon as the ongoing BL meetings were cancelled, I began blocking the calendar for the LI P class each week and attend the live ZOOM classes. Early in 2022 I had joined a PRT (Pre-Resiliency Training)group that met for about 3 months on a weekly basis. This group brought to light many of my blind spots that I truly needed to see in order to grow. I did the Dev GPS and found some great insights on where my gaps are in my day-to-day life. I also did the BAKA (Be a Kid Again) exercise that gave me insights from my past. In May 2022 I travelled to NYC to attend a live Leadership Event. I was changed by being in the presence of the folks that are changing lives. I want to do this too. In later 2022 I was invited to join a Leadership Think Tank (LTT) and was so grateful to continue training my awareness of my red arrow behaviors. This group completed in November 2022. I also joined a Coaching Group that has folks from our LIP community in it. I practice coaching and learn how to be a better coach for my team and family. In 2023 I signed up to do this 3 rd. Module to continue my growth in making decisions and learning to be a better leader. Currently I am taking part in the Always Be Training class (ABT). Looking forward to share my knowledge and grow as a leader and coach using this amazing training.

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