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Michael Maccarone

Global Academic Dean - Avenues: The World School

Level 1 Master Coach

Master Coach since 2022/09/13

I am an educational leader who supports the development of curriculum and instructional practice at schools around the world, focused on developing future leaders with a global mindset and a passion for learning.

How has Michael upgraded their leadership?

The PRT-A course was a really powerful way to begin to build a better routine around inviting and receiving feedback as a leader. It helped me to examine some of the conscious and unconscious things that I was doing to keep others from being able to be honest with me, and that kept me from being able to accept their feedback. I tend to want to explain my rationale for everything when things don't go smoothly, and that can be seen as defensive or resistive to feedback. It's something I will continue to work on and I really appreciated the opportunity to look for ways to dial that behavior down in a safe but constructive way.

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