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Thomas Alfinito

Owner/Founder - Hygge Fitness and Wildfether Distilling

Level 1 Master Coach

Master Coach since 2022/05/24

I love business and entrepreneurship. I graduated from college with a degree in finance but my heart wanted to open a boutique gym instead. In 2010, I opened Hygge Fitness and over the years of developing and expanding the gym I fell in love with being an entrepreneur and helping other business owners. Since opening the gym, I have expanded it to 3 locations and back to 1 thriving location during covid, opened a craft distillery called Wildfether Distilling, and I continue to work with other business owners to help set them up for success. I believe meaningful connections are the key to a happy, fulfilled life. Creating these meaningful connections has become the backbone to all of my businesses and how I approach life in general.

How has Thomas upgraded their leadership?

I joined PRT-A to work on my leadership skills as a business owner but also to improve my relationship with my wife. PRT-A was amazing because it required me to look inward at the different things I do that were negatively affecting my relationship and it also gave me reps in a low risk environment to practice. Through the process of identifying my RABs and then creating an action plan, I have been able to really improve my communication with my wife and that has been the biggest growth for me. I also think the lens of focusing on a "better me" let me stop focusing on what I thought she was doing wrong and instead focus on what I was doing. Then through this process I was able to realize that by just focusing on my RABs and improving on them, it had a profound effect on those around me.

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