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Andrew Romeo

CEO/Founder - Romeo Athletics

Level 1 Master Coach

5 Testimonials  Master Coach since 2022/05/24

Andrew has been working in the human performance and fitness industry for the past two decades. He founded Romeo Athletics in November of 2009, and since then has coached thousands of people utilizing a variety of training styles, programs and best practices. Andrew works with a wide variety of clients including professional athletes, high level executives, entrepreneurs, members of various military branches, law enforcement, fire service, sports teams, weightlifters, fitness athletes, and the general population of people who want to improve their lifestyles. He's passionate about helping people make positive change in their lives through fitness, nutrition, mindset and accountability.

How has Andrew upgraded their leadership?

The biggest piece of development for me was the identification of my lack of vulnerability as a RAB. I've known forever that I put up walls, don't let people in, and try to shoulder any situation myself, what I didn't know was how limiting this behavior is in all facets of life. I've increased my ability to communicate in both personal and professional settings by dialing down the LHFing I was doing by attempting to not be vulnerable. I've also had drastic improvements on my ability to receive and give feedback. Really a game changer for me and how I develop leaders within my business.

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Rome is the man. He facilitates a fantastic course!

06 October, 2022

Adam Lane
Oak Strength - CEO

It was one of the best coaching experience I have had

29 September, 2022

Austin Garber
Austin garber fitness - Owner

Andrew is great. He is extremely professional and gives amazing feedback.

28 September, 2022

Adam Lane
Oak Strength - CEO

Andrew was great! He led the group very well and provided a great space for people to be open and vulnerable, so that they could help each-other grow and expand.

29 September, 2022

Matthew Chenard
Greater Purpose Health - CEO/Owner

He asked a lot of probing questions to get the mind wheels turning and gave immediate actionable feedback. Working with Andrew was great!

29 September, 2022

Thomas Regier
Greater Purpose Health - General Manager