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Weiwei Hu

Head of DevOps - Next Jump

Level 1 Master Coach Next Jump Partner

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14 September, 2022

Tao Xu
authright - employee

I think Weiwei is a "friend coach". Maybe it's because we were friends before? Or maybe this is also a common feature of PRT coaches? I don't know, but he doesn't have the so-called sense of authority of a traditional mentor, he doesn't have the mask of being high, unquestionable, always right. He is sincere, candid and willing to communicate. He gave me a gradual appreciation of how to spot the invisible behavior of my own rejection of the truth. I would recommend him as a coach.

02 June, 2022

Qi Li

Weiwei is the best coach I’ve ever met. He always supports us and brings us a new point.

29 July, 2022

Qifei (Nancy) Li
Allfavor Circuits Co. LTD - Vice President

Felt so lucky to have Weiwei coaching my 1st level PRT. I learned a lot from him being a coach but also as a team member

27 May, 2022

Zixiao Zheng
AuthRight Inc - Engineer

A fantastic coach who can bridge east and west very well and lead the whole group to achieve the PRT-A training goal. He supports the whole group very well and cares about you as a person. For sure I would recommend him as a coach.

29 July, 2022

Liqiang (Derek) Tou
SAMA - President

I will rate Weiwei 4 (far exceed expectation). He gave very accurate diagnosis and also showed empathy to provide support. Strongly recommend him as a coach.

29 July, 2022

Degang Wang
(Digital Health Startup) - CEO

Weiwei is a very good coach, his feedback is very sharp, straight forward, but helpful, also could build a supportive group to help everyone, and encourage team to dial down their RABS, I also learn a lot from him on how to lead a group learning. Yes, I would recommend him as a coach.

29 July, 2022

Hanqun (Jenny) Xu
enValue Consulting - Founder & CEO

Thank you, Weiwei for being an excellent PRT couch. I see you enjoy working for Next jump and practicing what you learned from their training programs. I admire and appreciate you can always get to the real cause of our classmates' responses and give clear and sharp feedback to guide our class. Thank you, Weiwei, for opening up and being vulnerable. That makes us feel a lot safer and more comfortable. I am glad that we have a trainer like you.

02 June, 2022

Grant Zhang
American Data - Manager