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Mike Collette

Founder/Owner - Prototype Training Systems

Level 2 Master Coach Next Jump External Partner

17 Testimonials  Master Coach since 2022/01/01

After graduating with his degree in Exercise Science, Mike worked as a personal trainer, empowering clients and building lifelong relationships. He found CrossFit in 2010 which led him to open Prototype Training Systems (home of CrossFit Prototype) in 2012. His passion for fitness and helping others is equal to his passion for being an entrepreneur. Since 2012, Mike has launched several other businesses in both the fitness space and other complementary industries. His values-driven mentality, growth mindset, and obsession with leadership have kept him feeling energized every day to fulfill the vision of Prototype: To build the greatest relationship business.

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When you're looking to hire someone as a coach, I can think of no better person than Mike Collette. A true coach, Mike is someone who gets the best out of people by having them discover their own strengths and opportunity areas to improve. Personable, humble, and always in the pursuit of excellence, Mike will add tremendous value to any organization lucky enough to have him.

29 July, 2022

Chris Plentus
Kanna Fitness - Owner

I'd definitely recommend Mike as a coach, he's extremely good at using information to find the reasons behind your actions and very helpful with assisting in finding the right tools for improvement. An area for improvement would be to improve time management (moving on when low on time, keeping meetings on track).

02 June, 2022

Evan Cleveland
Prototype Training Systems - Personal Trainer/CrossFit Coach

Mike gave so much insight in how to handle and recognize triggers, RABs and how to deal with communication with others. He was very attentive and gave so much attention to detail. Loved working with Mike!

22 September, 2022

Sara Carter
Portside Fitness - Owner

I thought Mike was great, and it was specific feedback he gave me in a group where he told me I had some blind spots where the lightbulb really clicked for me. I don't think I would have learned what I did without him leading our group.

26 October, 2023

Rachel Barth
Military Officers Association - Creative

Mike has the ability to get to the heart of things and share insights about a person's journey that they themselves may not have thought about. He is always kind with his curiosity and supportive to those in the arena! Thanks Mike!

01 August, 2023

Heidi Young
NH DHHS DBH Bureau of Homeless Services - Program Planning and Review Specialist

From an organizational standpoint, Mike does well sharing our plan for the session and then sticking to it. He was able to give real life examples of topics that we discussed through the PRT-B experience. He is honest and gives his truth related to the topic at hand. He is responsive to the OMM that have been shared with him as well. I think he is willing to share his own shortcomings related to the discussions at hand, which I always think is helpful as this process is fluid and ever-changing.

09 October, 2022

Lisa Zancewicz
Town of Holliston - Teacher

I think Mike did a great job considering its a fairly new initiative. The output required to coach prt-b is variable based on what you get from the group. Ten people like me, that could get deep/personally and he might start to think he's not qualified. That would be my concern anyway. Anyhow, I thought he handled things really well for what I saw. Also, I gave him some feedback directly...but will memorialize here too. His face when we were all done in the last class was pretty priceless...his hair was all messed up and he leaned in the camera and said that it was hard. I believed him. Nice work Mike!

26 September, 2022

Tim Furbush
Team Furby - President

I’d definitely recommend Mike. He’s not afraid to give you hard truth which might take you aback at first but you realize it’s exactly what you needed to hear. Mike also helped me identify my passive aggressive reactions to things & I’ve come to realize that there’s a difference between doing things with speed vs being reckless. I take more time & space before reacting (or at least I try)

29 July, 2022

Jon Collette
Prototype Training Systems - Personal trainer, CrossFit coach, event coordinator at Prototype Training systems Westborough MA

MIke has been honest and open about the journey throughout our time together. He has been receptive to feedback from the group and from a surface level, I was able to see small changes as the weeks progressed. He has been able to give real life examples to show where things go well or where they do not. For these reasons, I would recommend him as a coach for any individual looking to start this process.

24 June, 2022

Lisa Zancewicz
Town of Holliston - Teacher

Mike was a fantastic coach who I had not met prior to the training. In the 13-week session, he was able to build trust with everyone in the group. Within 3 weeks, he was able to call out my RABs and provide potential solutions for me to follow. To realize my blind spots and find ways to become more efficient is huge for my personal development as a professional, a husband, a father, and a friend.

29 July, 2022

Ryan Mee
Vassar College - Head Men's Basketball Coach & Physical Education Instructor

Mike was helpful. He provided an atmosphere that encouraged everyone to share feedback, while maintaining an organized schedule. If anything, his confidence grew as the sessions progressed I believe, and in hindsight he could have helped further by mandating that several members contribute to each class (we had several weeks where only 1 person shared). This led to the class feeling a bit rushed at the end. Overall, I felt that Mike (and Macky) introduced us to the PRT & RAB's concepts in a clear way, and then also provided appropriate feedback that allowed us to further explore areas of growth.

29 July, 2022

Tim Sweeney
Connecticut College - Head Men's Basketball Coach

I would recommend Mike to others. I've always respected Mike over the years and it was nice to get some small group time with him. He offered good, fair feedback and even called me out a few times when needed. Questions 3 is "yes" or "no", but i'm unsure at this time.

21 June, 2022

Jaryd Belanger
Core Development and Management - Executive Vice President of Operations

Mike's PRT coaching is worth its weight in gold. The amount of caring and knowledge that he possesses and how he can really dial in how to make these PRT sessions life changing is second to none in my opinion. I would most certainly recommend Mike as a PRT coach.

29 July, 2022

Brian Zancewicz
Prototype Training Systems - Head Coach

Mike is a great coach. He will probe to get the truth out of you, which is so important to uncovering blind spots we all have with our default tendencies.

27 June, 2022

Jon Collette
Prototype Training System - Master Coach/ Nutrition Coach

I have been working with Michael Collette in a small group setting to build up my leadership skills, and also to work on building my management team’s leadership skills as well. Michael has a great way of keeping you engaged through introspective questions, and challenges you to explore the self-imposed boundaries you have created. It has been immensely rewarding working so closely with Michael, and I have enjoyed all that I have learned thus far!

29 July, 2022

Taryn Dubreuil
CrossFit Function - Owner

Mike has been leading a small group for me and my peers for over 6 months now, and the experience has been life-changing. I’ve improved my management, communication, and leadership skills drastically, and my life has improved qualitatively because of that. We’ve tackled my own emotional hurdles that were holding me back from leading my team to their true potential. I’ve gained both theoretical and tactical “to-dos” from my time in the group. I have over 15 years of leadership experience at this point, including multiple years of military leadership training, and this small group has been right near the top of the most beneficial thing I’ve ever done for myself and my team. You’ll need to be willing to open yourself up to get the most out of it, but I couldn’t possibly recommend this highly enough for leaders.

29 July, 2022

Nick Habich
Shark Bite Fitness & Nutrition - CEO

I learned a lot from observing Mike provide feedback to others. While I did not always agree with what he said, it was still valid. I think there is a degree of subjectivity and interpretation that must be taken into account and he certainly made that clear. He was open to receiving feedback and modeled that well. Keep going!

26 October, 2023

Erin Cardinal
MOAA - Program Director, Career Transition