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Rosey Burchell

Head of UK Client Management - Next Jump

Level 1 Master Coach Next Jump Junior Partner

4 Testimonials  Master Coach since 2022/01/01

I lead Next Jump’s Client Success team in the UK, helping organisations drive successful employee engagement strategies to retain and attract their staff.. mission critical more than ever in the great resignation! Within 5 years of joining Next Jump, I worked my way up from a entry-level position to earn my seat at the Next Jump Partner’s Table. During this time I’ve coached internally, and externally through Leadership Academies and PRT. I’m a believer in the power of vulnerability. It’s a superpower being able to be the first to open up and create a space of trust for your team to be truthful with themselves and others. I love helping people thrive, and push beyond theirs and others expectations. Fun fact – before deciding to pursue a career in the civvy world in technology, I was a Officer Cadet with the Royal Engineers and had secured myself a place at RMA Sandhurst to be an Engineering Officer in the UK Army!

How has Rosey upgraded their leadership?

As a “friendly” person, I had always thought that I made it easy for others to give me feedback – truth is, sometimes, especially in times of stress, right when I need that feedback the most, I don’t. PRT was invaluable to me, as it gave me awareness of the big and small behaviours that I do subconsciously that stop others from giving me truth, and learn how to dial these down. In turn, its taught me how to connect with and trust my gut instinct more. At times, my brain feels like it is hard wired against me, trying to logic myself out of opinions, or instincts. PRT was a safe space for me to learn how to share in the moment when something doesn’t feel quite right, even if I can’t fully explain why, but to get comfortable in opening up a dialog. It’s a never-ending journey for me, but getting better at receiving and giving truth has been invaluable in training my decision making, and helped me step up to the challenge of leading in the uncertain environment that we are in right now and learn to coach others better.

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Resiliency Training IS the coaches - Rosey doesn't shy away from digging deeper and helping me think about what might be behind a behaviour rather than just focusing on the specific example presented. I also find Rosey strikes a good balance between following the program vs going with the flow when something interesting crops up.

29 July, 2022

Andy Weir
Headforwards -

It has been a real pleasure to be on RT Team 6 being led and coached by Rosey Burchell. She has been very helpful to me and every member of Team 6 in our self-awareness journey and to become better at making decisions. Her patient and cheerful approach has helped to keep the Team engaged, and to quickly build trust within the Team along with unwrapping the layers and getting to the bottom of our RABs (Red Arrow Behaviors) and grappling with the underlying root-cause. She has brought clarity and helped us to process and unravel the associated emotions as well. She also helped the Team in practicing UFC (Unfiltered Communications) and to keep track of our deliberate practice sessions (reps). Every week, I look forward to our Wednesday RT session to continue to share and exchange honest feedback with each other on the Team about our growth on this journey.

29 July, 2022

Shiv Udutha
Home Depot -

Rosey has been honest and transparent in giving feedback. She is firm, good observant, direct yet respectful when giving feedback. She is a good listener when we voice our concerns and share our thoughts and feedback, as well as being supportive and a good confidante. I can see that she has a genuine intention to coach, guide and help the people in her team. Rosey also came across as a positive and enthusiastic person, which helps to” spice” up the mood in the team when we are down. Her feedback is thought provoking and non-judgemental, which helps me to reflect and act accordingly so that I can improve myself and grow.

29 July, 2022

Amy Chin
British American Tabacco -

Rosey quickly gained the trust of our group and encouraged me to be open and speak up. She has an excellent way of listening and a style of feedback that is not bombastic but quietly and insistently honest. She doesn’t let me get away with anything and has been an example through her own growth. I used to apologise for what I was about to say or had said and I noticed that Rosey had some of that too but watching her get to grips with it was great and showed me that I couldn’t justify my own behaviour by saying “it’s because I am English”.

29 July, 2022

Eileen Chappell
Mott Macdonald - Fleming Fund Global Lead