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Kevin McCoy

Managing Director/Co-founder - Next Jump

Level 1 Master Coach Next Jump Senior Partner

Master Coach since 2022/01/01

Kevin McCoy joined Next Jump in April 1997 as a co-founder of the organization. He helped grow the business though the first dot-com bubble and subsequent crash that left the company with just 4 employees. Kevin founded Next Jump’s Cambridge, MA office before joining the UK operation in 2010 as Co-Managing Director where he has been responsible for growth of the UK business, Next Jump’s global expansion, the UK Adopt a School program and Next Jump’s Corporate Venture Fund (Next Jump Ventures). Kevin now heads Next Jump’s Finance and Operations team globally in addition to his responsibilities in the UK. Kevin lives in London with his wife Amy and their two children Braley and Michael.

How has Kevin upgraded their leadership?

I’m someone who always gets along with others (a people pleaser). This dates back even to my childhood - my parents tell me that I was always easy going and able to blend into situations. While this has been a strength that has helped me, the imbalance has also held me back in ways that I had not fully been aware (at work, at home, and socially). My own pre-resiliency journey helped me gain more awareness on how often I avoid conflict to ensure I get along & the problems it has caused in my past.   I identified a bunch of “red arrow behaviors” – things I was doing that told others not to “go there” and tell me the truth. These were holding me back. As an example, I would often flip flop and not share my own POV on a situation – often asking questions vs. saying what I think. The program put me on a journey to transform - I built some habits to make my own behavior change like of trying to state a 51% point of view (saying I feel this 51%). The group environment was supportive and available with other people trying to overcome their own repeated behaviors. The awareness I gained from the program has been a springboard for new growth and an ongoing way to reflect on where my own imbalances occur.

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