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Meghan Messenger

Co-CEO - Next Jump

Level 3 Master Coach Next Jump Co-CEO

Master Coach since 2022/01/01

Meghan Messenger, Co-CEO of Next Jump. Meghan started as a door to door sales intern for Next Jump in 1998 and now serves as the Co-CEO. She credits her success to the consistent practice of leading with authenticity. We are what we practice, however the #1 thing we practice is LHF (“lying/hiding/faking”), managing other people's impressions of us, trying to look good. In addition to building a $2 billion technology company over 25 years, Next Jump was recognized by Harvard as one of the best run companies in the world. Simon Sinek featured Next Jump in his TED Talk for their no-fire policy. Meghan is often invited to speak about how individuals and organizations fail in the 21st century.


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