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Simon Sparks

Consultant - Thrival

Level 1 Master Coach

Master Coach since 2022/01/01

Serial Entrepreneur | Innovation Culture Coach | Mentor With over 15 years of experience in the creative industries, I've worn many hats — from a celebrity hairdresser to the founder of an award-winning games studio. I've been a BAFTA-nominated producer, an Innovation Culture Coach, and even had the privilege of showcasing a short film at the Cannes Film Festival. I thrive on breaking norms, tearing up rulebooks, and starting afresh. My journey has led me to become a mentor and high-performance coach, where I leverage my diverse background to inspire and guide others. I'm passionate about cultivating innovation cultures that breed success. My ultimate goal? To leave the world in a better state than I found it. I'm proudly dyslexic and have ADHD, so if you find my writing a puzzle or a game, embrace the challenge—it's all part of the unique perspective I bring to the table.

How has Simon upgraded their leadership?

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, Next Jump became my steadfast guide. While navigating the intricacies of scaling startups like Mythical Games and Polystream, this community emerged as a transformative force, offering indispensable tools for leadership development. Transitioning from the 'Armchair Professor' mode to actively participating in the 'arena,' Next Jump's programs and leadership tools played a pivotal role in reshaping my leadership approach. From Personal Resilience Training (PRT) to decision-making strategies, these tools formed the bedrock of elevating my leadership style. Their impact extends beyond professional realms, influencing how I nurture relationships with peers, clients, and even my family—my wife and two teenagers often attest to this transformation. A profound aspect of this journey was the unwavering mirror held up by Next Jump and its community. Beyond theoretical leadership concepts, it led me through a confronting exploration of my blind spots, and my Red Arrow Behaviors (RABs). The community's support served as a catalyst for addressing areas in need of improvement. While the process was undoubtedly uncomfortable, the rewards on the other side were not only transformative but also deeply fulfilling. This has become an endless cycle now of reflection, assessment, and experimentation. One poignant revelation came through a dance class and the principle that 'how you do anything is how you do everything.' This realization shed light on patterns in my entrepreneurial journey—why I initially thrive but sometimes fade when faced with intricate details or lose momentum. As a serial entrepreneur, this insight was groundbreaking. It helped me understand the recurring narrative in my ventures, fostering acceptance that it's okay not to have all the answers. Instead, the key lies in active listening, seeking truth, and cultivating curiosity to drive innovation and creativity.

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