Building Better
Decision Makers

In today's wildly uncertain & rapidly changing world, high performance boils down to your ability to make good decisions. With the right training, the process of applying judgement is teachable and indefinitely upgradable.

Upgrading employees from

The Problem

Are you/your team

hesitant to make strategic decisions,

waiting to commit until more data is available,

avoiding hard creative work?

Decision-making is hard. It's mentally taxing - it's easier to play it safe or not even put yourself out there. But without it, innovation doesn't occur; complacency sets in, and those, who are better trained, outperform you into irrelevance. (When was the last time you went to Blockbuster to rent a movie?)

The good news is that your judgement is trainable and indefinitely upgradeable.

Why Decision-Making?

The Most Important Skill of the 21st Century is Decision-Making

The world has changed. Where there once was clarity, we are now in the midst of ambiguity.

Regardless of your role in a team, everybody needs to navigate problems - everybody needs good judgement.

The foundation of good decision-making is giving and getting the truth. It produces high performing teams, where people rapidly share their authentic thoughts - both good and bad.

Types of decision-making
Why it is so hard


Strategy & goal-setting

Forward-looking planning and inspiring others

We are all bad at predicting the future. Even worse, we often over-castrophizing negative future outcome or feeling overly optimistic about the future


Decisiveness & reaction time

Speeding up decision-making

Analysis paralysis is often the consequence when we face with multiple decisions in a day, especially those that are of high stake to us.


Risk taking

Making decision in uncertainty

We cannot drive uncertainty to zero, however, we all want minimal risks in all our actions, and hence we are afraid to take risk. Successful risk taking also require understanding 2nd/3rd order consequences and rapid iterations, all of which we are not naturally good at



Fully committing to things that matter

We are often scared of sunk cost and missing out on opportunities. Consequently, we often choose not to make trade-offs and prioritise on what matters vs those that matter less

Where to Start?

Module 1: Pre-Resiliency Training (PRT-A)

Module 1 is a 13-week program (1hr / week) designed to help teams to reduce behaviors that create silence in teams and organizations with each other – and start being more authentic, especially sharing critical feedback & speaking-up about difficult topics.

Research shows that when people bring their authentic self to work, they perform better. But before focusing outwards on sharing our full thoughts with other (”giving feedback”), Module 1 trains people to focus inward and DIAL DOWN behaviors that are stopping people from being truthful with us.

Everyone needs basic cognitive training to allow truth to come at them. Module 1 is tailored to help you discover your truth-preventing behaviors and supercharge your TRUTH SEEKING skills

This training, done as a team, will help you navigate conflict, build more authentic relationships.

Showing up as your “authentic” self is the baseline to building meaningful relationships at work... People with a robust social network have better job performance, feel more fulfilled, and even live longer.


"95% of people think they're self-aware, only 10% to 15% actually are."

5 Ways this will help you and your team

Feel empowered to share truth candidly, no need to manage perceptions

Psychological Safety

"The people I get to share my RABs, struggles, and tears with help me be a better person. They hold me accountable, support me, and (most importantly) they care about me as a person."

Rebecca Gould
Senior HR Partner

Enhance your team awareness to unlock the next level of performance

Boost your ability to absorb feedback and utilize them in growing you

Upgrade as a team
of participants gained a stronger awareness of their Red Arrow Behaviors
I always want to present the best work forward to others... I see them as a reflection of me and don't want others to see my unfinished products or messy thoughts
Quang N.
Under stress, I will hide my emotions and true feelings to others... I don't vocalize my real opinions on controversial topics as I think I have to keep everyone happy and mediate conflicts

Challenge preconceptions and biases to form a Learning Mindset, not fear of failure

Boost your ability to absorb feedback and utilize them in growing you

"Basically, what I've personally experienced and what I've seen in my groups is that participants develop a more growth-oriented mindset. This mindset upgrades sense and decision-making in every aspect of participants' lives. The highest praise I have for this training is that my wife says I'm a better husband and father when I'm in this training group."

Josh Hurt
Performance and Talent Development Specialist

Make decisions confidently without hesitation or procrastination

Train yourself to process information at a rapid pace. Learn to not get frozen when information and unexpected events come at a rapid pace. Our training program helps to dial down fear, assisting you to achieve composure and effectiveness even in the face of uncertainty.
felt more poised to take on challenges
Increase Confidence and Decision-Making Speed

"Technical problems are solved faster because this training has made my team less conscious of 'being right' and more conscious of the team 'getting to the answer' fastest."

Alex T
Senior Engineer

Form strong connection and collaboration, preventing burnout

Consistent ritual of small group training creates strong bonds between people, preventing isolation and burnout both in-person and remote.

Avoid Burnout
had a stronger level of connection to their training group compared to their other teams

"Attending the training over the past 90 weeks has taken me in the opposite direction... feel MORE connected, LESS isolated, and yes, ALL of our schedules are crammed, but creating/making time to be together with you has been the smartest decision I've made in the last two years."

Brent French
Executive Director, Finance & Operations

Start your Training

Roadmap to Upgrade Decision-Making

Levelled Programs Designed to Improve Decision-Making for Teams

Good decision makers know when, where and how to take risk well to be able to make significant progress in their work and life. Risk taking is NOT being reckless or trying to be lucky. In other word, there is a formula to taking risk effectively.

Foundational Program

  • Module 1 (PRT-A): Increasing truth that you receive through dialling down behaviors that prevent others from telling you the full story.
  • Module 2 (PRT-B): Identifying the behaviors that you do in your daily work that reduces your concentration and mental energy which are essential to thinking.

Skill Program

  • Situational Awareness: Learning how to gather useful data and sense make in order to come to the best judgement.
  • Action: Taking action to carry out a risky decision. At the same time, developing the ability to deal with emotions surrounding risk-taking.

What do others have to say?

Hundreds of people have gone through our training programs on their journey to become better decision makers – here is a glimpse into their journeys

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Rebecca Gould
Senior HR Partner - Rice University

"This has been the biggest blessing and game changer for me. The people help me be a better person. They hold me accountable, support me, and (most importantly) they care about me as a person."

Card image cap

Nick Habich
CEO - Shark Bite Fitness & Nutrition

"The experience has been life-changing. I’ve improved my management, communication, and leadership skills drastically. We’ve tackled my own emotional hurdles that were holding me back from leading my team to their true potential."

Card image cap

Lindsay Jencsik
COO - InfoTek Consulting

"On my own, I plateau because I can’t see myself. There is no reflection. I need teammates looking at me... With a coach, we can practice. I need a coach, an expert, someone who has mastered it."

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